Interactive Programming & Analysis Lab

We see the elements of play and exploration in activities of software and data engineering as an essential part of developing larger computational systems.

We can broadly view the work we do as part of two categories:

  1. Empirical Understanding: We we want to understand the underlying structures and artifacts that govern exploration and experimentation in computational tasks.
  2. System Building: We design, build, and evaluate interventions in the form of systems that either automate or augment human ability to better deal with these structures and artifacts.

Student projects

We have multiple project openings in the areas of interactive programming, machine learning for software engineering, and program synthesis. Please reach out to Jürgen Cito or Michael Schröder Have a look at some potential areas and topics here: IPA Student Project Slides

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Jürgen Cito (PI)

Assistant Professor (TU Wien)

Visiting Research Scientist (Facebook)

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